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Fraud, Bribery and Money Laundering

Our specialist fraud solicitors are ideally placed to advise and represent you or your company in relation to any fraud, bribery or money laundering prosecution. We can also represent the victims of fraud to assist in the recovery of defrauded property.

If you need a fraud solicitor to help you to handle an investigation for Mortgage Fraud, NHS Counter Fraud, VAT fraud, Carousel Fraud, Phoenix Fraud, Benefit Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Ponzi Fraud, Pyramid Scheme Fraud, Missing Trader Fraud (MTIC Fraud), Boiler Room Fraud, Diversion Fraud or similar offences you will need representation from a team of specialist fraud solicitors that has experience of such matters. We are one of very few solicitors that have experience dealing with cases involving Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.


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From the earliest stage of any case we will appoint you a dedicated specialist fraud solicitor to take charge of your case and we will provide you with a 24-hour contact system allowing you access to your solicitor at any time of the day or night. We will work closely with you to appoint the very best barristers and specialist expert witnesses to advance your case and pursue every line of investigation to secure the best result. We are not "Duty Solicitors" and are only instructed on the basis of our skill and expertise. We do not cut corners and will select your bespoke legal team from the entire marketplace.

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We have experience of prosecutions brought by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), HMRC (Customs & Excise), CPS Organised Crime Department, Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Trading Standards, Office of Fair Trading (OFT), Department of Work & Pensions (DWP),Companies House, The Office of National Statistics and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT). We can advise you in relation to any case brought by these prosecuting authorities or any others.

Financial Crime

The ongoing global recession is expected to lead to many investigations commencing within the financial sector during 2015. This will range from Financial Conduct Authority investigations relating to "insider trading" to police investigations concerning "dodgy" mortgage applications.  As the tide of easy credit retreats, you can start to see who was swimming without trunks on! We can assist whatever the allegation.

Bribery Act

Our specialist team of financial crime lawyers can advise in respect of ongoing bribery investigations or prosecutions and can also assist businesses avoid bribery allegations by advising on anti-bribery policies and procedures. It is essential that businesses can show that all efforts have been taken to avoid bribery in order to demonstrate due diligence to the authorities. Failure to have sufficient anti-bribery compliance can lead to further corporate offences being committed.

Insurance Fraud Allegations

We have become aware that insurance companies are questioning insurance claims far more in the wake of the recession. Insurance investigators are quick to call in the police to assist their investigations with a view to voiding the claim, even where criminal proceedings are not brought. Our fraud solicitors will assist you in dealing both with the insurance investigator and the police. In accordance with the case of Axa-v-Gottlieb, insurance companies can avoid paying the entire claim if they can show, on the balance of probabilities, that even £1 of the claim was fraudulent.

"Cash for Crash" Fraud

We have recent direct experience of a so-called "cash for crash scam" where road traffic accidents are allegedly set-up in order to cash-in on fraudulent insurance claims. However, insurance companies are keen to jump on the bandwagon and allege such frauds even where they do not exist. In this way payouts are avoided and their profits maintained. If you have been accused of a "cash for crash" fraud you need a solicitor prepared to fight your cause.

2013 saw the first "cash for crash" prosecution where the crash caused a fatality. The insurance industry and police are determined to put an end to this scam and will be prosecuting hard in future.

Money Laundering & Cash Confiscation

Our fraud solicitors also have extensive experience dealing with money laundering and associated offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. This includes assisting clients in cash detention and forfeiture proceedings where we have had considerable success in having assets returned to our clients. Prosecuting authorities will often challenge applications for legal costs, even when they lose these cases. We have specialist knowledge that has proved highly successful in having costs paid by the prosecutor in cash confiscation cases.  We have experience dealing with money laundering allegations involving Bitcoin and transactions via the notorious "Silk Road".

The Home Office has recently created an "incentivisation scheme" designed to encourage police and customs officers to seize cash suspected of being involved in crime. Under this scheme the police or customs can keep between 25% and 50% of the money seized and already high targets have been set year on year in order that prosecutors' budgets can be supplemented.

The use of this draconian legislation as a revenue-raising tool has seen an increase in the seizure of cash from honest businesses and individuals by over-zealous law enforcers. We can help get your cash returned and advise how to avoid cash detention and forfeiture in future.

Read more here for other examples of controversial cash siezures.

Pyramid Scheme Fraud

We are currently representing the first defendants ever to be charged by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) under new regulations that outlaw so-called "pyramid investment schemes" or "chain gifting schemes". These are similar to "Ponzi Frauds" where the investors to the scheme receive compensation derived entirely from the payments made by other investors. There is no new wealth created and eventually there are insufficient investors to keep the scheme running and it collapses leaving most investors out of pocket. The case went to trial in April 2012. None of our client received prison sentences.

We are experienced fraud solicitors with the expertise to deal with all fraud and related matters.

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