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Firearms and Shotgun Licensing Law

The UK criminal justice system comes down hard on those convicted of firearm offences. The courts are obliged to pass a mimimum 5 year prison sentence where a firearm has been used for criminal purposes. This is on top of any other sentence passed at the same time for the substantive offence.


Gun control is a priority for the police and licensed firearm holders are under increasing scrutiny in respect of storage and usage of their firearms. We can assist if your shotgun or firearm licence has been refused or revoked by the police. You have the right to appeal to the Crown Court for the decision to be reconsidered and we have specialists around the UK who can represent you on a fixed fee basis. Read an article here from our firearm law specialist, Martin Winter. If you are a member of BASC or CPSA you might have legal expenses insurance as part of your membership fee. We can assist you in making a claim under your insurance policy and can represent you too.

We are presently instructed by a shotgun owner who has had his firearms licence renewal refused by the police because of alleged connections to criminals. Our investigations revealed that the police decision was based on unfounded rumours started by a disgruntled neighbour. We have appealed the decision and the matter is listed for an appeal against the firearms licence revocation in the Crown Court. Our legal team includes Martin Winter, an experienced solicitor dealing with firearms law, and Peter Glenser, the foremost barrister in England & Wales in firearms law (who also happens to be the Chairman of BASC). A formidable line-up that has caused the police to seriously reconsider their position. The appeal is listed for April 2017.

In 2016 we advised a Somerset farmer charged with a serious firearm offence after he challenged trespassers on his land whilst he was carrying his shotgun for vermin control. His case was tried in the Crown Court in Spring 2011 where he was found not guilty.

We are presently instructed to defend a client found in possession of a Soviet-era machine gun removed from a de-commissioned tank. He thought it was junk, but if found to be a firearm he faces a mandatory minimum 5 year sentence. We have instructed the foremost firearm expert in the UK to bolster his defence.

We have also demonstrated success in relation to charges of possession of a disguised firearm,. Typically this involves TASER style stun-gun devices that are manufactured to look like items such as mobile phones or torches. Possession of these devices attract a minimum 5 year prison sentence, but we have specialist lawyers who have successfully argued against the imposition of such sentences.

The Government announced in October 2011 their intention to impose mandatory prison sentences for offences committed committed by teenagers using a knife or bladed article. It is likely that this will lead to many cases against 16 and 17 year old being brought to court when previously they might have been dealt with by the police by way of a warning.

Call now on 08444 936 057 to have a free consultation with a specialist firearms law solicitor or call Martin Winter direct on 07980 800512.