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Public Order Offences

The right to freedom of expression is a much-valued part of the UK tradition. However, this right has been gradually eroded over the years in the name of national security and the protection of law and order. Public Order laws define how and when demonstrations can be held and breaches of these laws can lead to prosecution.


 It does not matter how well-intentioned the protest might be, if the laws are not strictly complied with the police are pre-disposed to breaking-up demonstrations and processions whenever the opportunity arises. But, the same laws apply to the police and they must also strictly adhere to the rule of law. The same laws govern offences such as riot, violent disorder, affray and causing harrassment, alarm or distress.

If you have been charged with a public order offence in connection with an otherwise peaceful protest, we can assist you to fight your cause.

We have also represented clients caught up in violence and disorder offences including prison riots and football related offences.

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