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Corporate Manslaughter

We have established a specialist unit combining our experienced solicitors with senior level barristers who have conducted corporate manslaughter defences. This emerging area of law is a concern for all businesses and we can provide bespoke legal advice to assist risk management strategies. If you believe that you or your business is being investigated for a death related to your business activities you must not delay in obtaining specialist legal help. Your solicitor for business and company law is unlikely to have the necessary skill or experience of police investigative techniques and criminal law to offer much help, but will still charge you £250 per hour.  


If you need advice in respect of an investigation and you are concerned that a corporate manslaughter charge is being considered, we can provide a bespoke team of criminal defence lawyers to conduct negotiations on your behalf. Due to the unique way in which we operate we are able to offer these services at rates far below those of commercial solicitors.

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