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Conspiracy Law


A "conspiracy" in UK law is an agreement to carry out a criminal act. All conspiracy cases are dealt with at the Crown Court and are by their very nature more complex and more serious than the substantive, or "normal" version of the offence.

The law relating to conspiracy can appear confusing and illogical. We will assist you by explaining the law in a way that can be understood (no "legalese" or Latin terms, we promise!). We will always use specialist barristers in all conspiracy cases who have the requisite skill and experience to defend against allegations of conspiracy. We are specialist solicitors for conspiracy cases and have had notable success defeating these cases on legal submissions.

We have represented defendants in relation to conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, conspiracy to smuggle cigarettes, conspiracy to supply drugs, conspiracy to import drugs and many other similar conspiracy cases.

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