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Road Transport, VOSA, DVSA and Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiries

Alongside our road traffic criminal defence practice we have developed expertise in representing operators and drivers facing proceedings initiated by DVSA (formerly VOSA) and calling in requests from the Office of Traffic Commissioner for holders of O Licences

In our experience the first indications that a Traffic Commissioner is considering calling in an operator for "a chat over tea and biscuits" arise many months before the calling-in letter arrives. Too often an operator focusses on justifying the shortcomings that had been identified by the DVSA examiners rather than explaining how things have improved and the steps taken to avoid a reoccurrence. A Traffic Commissioner will deal with the operator as they are on the date of the hearing and so a plan of collating evidence to demonstrate improvement is crucial to a positive outcome.

In January 2017 we were instructed to represent the operator of a waste transport business accused of being a "front" for a disqualified director. Evidence was produced from a number of agencies including DVSA (formerly VOSA), the Environment Agency and business competitors. Through careful preparation and skilled cross-examination all of the allegations were discredited and the Traffic Commissioner allowed our client's business to continue and preserved the good repute of the operator.

Taking early legal advice is essential and likely to reduce costs in the long term. The Traffic Commissioner is unlikely to adjourn public inquiries for you to get legal representation so do not delay in contacting us.

We also have experience representing operators and advising them in respect of fatal road traffic accidents both before the Coroner and when facing criminal charges including death by dangerous driving and corporate manslaughter. If one of your drivers has been involved in a fatality, do not hesitate to get free initial legal advice from our specialist defence solicitor.


In 2015 our solicitor, Martin Winter, was instructed by HM Coroner to act as Counsel to the Inquest into the fatal road traffic collision that killed 7 on the M5 near Taunton in November 2011.

Contact Martin Winter at any time on 07980 800512 or send a message via our contact page