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Our team has experience of many high-profile and complex cases. We have selected a few to provide you with a flavour of the level of experience and depth of expertise at our disposal. If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please contact us via the online enquiry form on the Contact page or call us on our 24 hour helpline. Our staff will take details of your enquiry and allocate you one of our fully qualified solicitors who will call you back - free of charge                                 

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R(Office for National Statistics) -v- S Limited (a company) (2015) Newport Magistrates' Court - our client is a global brand with an international reputation to protect. It was prosecuted for failing to provide data to the ONS under an obscure Act dating from 1947. We were able to identify procedural irregularities that resulted in the case being dropped before the first hearing.

Companies House-v-TR (2015) Cardiff Court - Our client was prosecuted by Companies House in relation to offences connected with the failure to file accounts. We identified a statutory defence and presented the evidence that secured his acquittal at trial with defence costs awarded.

R-v-LF (2015) Bristol Crown Court - We are defending in one of the first money laundering cases involving the use of Bitcoin to finance transactions. The case preparation involves the expert forensic scrutiny of complex financial audit-trails across global financial markets. Case to be heard 2016.


R(Companies House) -v- TF Group of Companies - Cardiff Magistrates' Court - we successfully defended a group of companies accused of failing to deliver the statutory financial statements in relation to a client company. Our representations convinced Companies House that our client had a valid defence that he took all reasonable steps to deliver the accounts in the context of the business suffering due to mis-selling of an interest swap product.

R-v-AL - Stafford Crown Court - Our client was the partner of the Director of a business that went into administration owing money to clients. It was alleged that she was part of a conspiracy to defraud the creditors of the business. We were able to demonstrate that her involvement in the business was not significant and the CPS dropped the case before trial.


R(Companies House) -v- H (an accountant) Cardiff Magistrates' Court - we successfully defended an accountant accused of failing to deliver the statutory financial statements in relation to a client company. Our representations convinced Companies House that our client had a valid defence that he took all reasonable steps to deliver the accounts.

R-v-S (and others) Bristol Crown Court - we represented one of eight defendants involved in a banking fraud with associated money laundering. The main defendant was found guilty of arranging for cheques to be intercepted in the post and then paying them into bogus bank accounts set up by an "inside man" at Barclays Bank. The money was then laundered through "money mules" into cash withdrawals.

R (National Health Service) -v- Dr D: Cardiff Crown Court - Prosecution of a NHS consultant for £75,000 fraud. The NHS counter fraud group investigated this matter for over a year before bringing potentially career ending fraud allegations against a consultant who had previously brought employment dispute proceedings against the NHS. Our persistent representations on our client's behalf eventually brought an end to the case with our client beiong found not guilty and having all defence costs returned.

Somerset Trading Standards-v-W, W and G: North Somerset Magistrates' Court - The Trading  Standards Service brought proceedings under section 20 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to remove the whole beef herd from a farming business and requesting an order from the Court to sell the herd to cover their expenses. Our timely intervention at Court resulted in that application being rejected and the Court accepting our counter application making an order for the herd to be passed to another farm preserving the value of the herd and allowing the business to continue.

R-v-B: Bristol Crown Court - our client was accused of perverting the course of justice and witness interference after being invited to mediate in a domestic dispute between friends. In the emotionally charged envirnoment in which he found himself he became the victim of an unwarranted allegation. We strenously defended his position throughout and secured a not guilty verdict and full defence costs.


R (Food Standards Agency) -v- B : Southwark Crown Court - Successful appeal against a Food Standards Agency prosecution for offences relating to meat hygiene. Case thrown out as an abuse of process. Full costs awarded to our client. 

R-v-A  :Bristol Crown Court : Client found not guilty of perverting the course of justice. Our team placed the prosecution under considerable pressure to disclose details of the racist "victim" who we revealed was a proven liar. Full costs awarded to our client.

R-v-N : Birmingham Crown Court : Successful "Newton Hearing" reduced the sentence our client was to receive for his part in an "industrial scale" cannabis production conspiracy. Our client released within weeks of the hearing and no confiscation proceedings were brought against his assets.

R-v-D (& others) : Bristol Crown Court : Preparing mitigation for our defendant who pleaded guilty to offences arising from the "Winterbourne View Care Home" scandal. Our client received a lower sentence than most of his co-defendants.

RSPCA-v-D : Taunton Crown Court : Successful appeal against RSPCA animal welfare case. Full costs awarded and saved client from £47,000 RSPCA costs claim. 

R (Dept for Business Innovation and Skills "BIS") -v-B & W : Bristol Crown Court : Defending company director against a prosecution by BIS that a "shadow director" had effective control of the company despite being disqualified from holding such a position.


R (HMRC)-v-E - Liverpool Crown Court - Our client was one of twenty five defendants charged with a conspiracy to defraud the benefit system. Our client avoided a custodial sentence as a direct consequence of our detailed scrutiny of the case and the eloquence of our Crown Court advocate.

R (Environment Agency)-v-M Ltd (a company) - Taunton Crown Court - we represented a company officer prosecuted by the Environment Agency in relation to charges that waste tyres were unlawfully exported. All charges were dropped.

R-v-B Ltd (a Company) - Bristol Magistrates' Court -  our client was prosecuted under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 for engaging in misleading commercial practices. After strenuous legal submissions the prosecutor dropped all charges and our client secured an order that his defence costs be paid. We are one of the UK's leading defence solicitors for trading standards prosecutions.

R-v-O : North Avon Magistrates' Court - Our client is a health care practitioner who was accused by a colleague of assaulting an elderly patient in her care home. Legal Aid was denied to our client due to her income. We acted for her and unearthed evidence that seriously undermined the case such that she was found not guilty after trial. The Court commented that the cross-examination of the accuser was so thorough that the allegations lacked any credibility and it was patently clear that the allegation was false.

R-v-H : Bristol Crown Court - The allegation facing our client was of benefit fraud. He was accused of failing to declare an asset (a house bequeathed to him by his aunt) that would render him ineligible for Housing Benefit. Our expert solicitors submitted complex legal arguments to the Council that the house was a "disregarded asset" because it was subject to a notice preventing the disposal. The case was dropped and our client awarded full costs in his favour.

R-v-N (& others) Birmingham Crown Court: We act for a defendant in a large "cannabis farm" case involving 30 defendants connected to a Vietnamese organised crime network engaged in the cultivation and supply of cannabis. The case awaits trial later this year.


R-v-G - Birmingham Crown Court -  we obtained the only "not guilty" verdict for our client in an eight-handed prosecution for conspiracy to import controlled drugs from The Netherlands into the UK. This case was prosecuted by the Serious & Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) using Interpol assistance and involved complex issues of evidence obtained by telephone intercepts outside of the UK.

R-v-Lance Corporal "B" - Swindon Crown Court -  we successfully defended a serving British Army soldier accused of 2 serious GBH offences. Using careful applications of complex law we were able to present to the jury a wealth of evidence that the police had "overlooked" that undermined the prosecution case. We also presented evidence of our client's good character and military service that won over the jury and secured his verdict of "not guilty" and his freedom.

R-v-"P & L" - Bristol Crown Court - we are currently representing the first defendants ever to be prosecuted by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. This case concerns the alleged operation of a so-called "Pyramid Scam" throughout the southwest involving £18,000,000 of alleged losses to participants.


R-v-RR (& others) - Southampton Crown Court - Our VHCC team stepped in to represent a defendant facing drug importation charges. Our timely advice assisted in reducing his sentence dramatically.

R-v-TP (& others) - Bristol Crown Court - In this case we defended in a Customs & Excise (HMRC) prosecution against an alleged gang of tobacco smugglers. The original allegation concerned over £1,000,000 worth of duty evaded tobacco products. After we mounted a legal challenge, the prosecutor accepted that our clients were involved with just £2000 of evaded duty.


R-v-O, J & S - Reading Crown Court & Court of Appeal - Our team successfully resisted a prosecution appeal against a ruling by the trial judge at Reading Crown Court that had "immasculated" the proseution case. Our success resulted in the immediate acquittal of all defendants in the UK's most high-profile stately home burglary case for the last 30 years.


R-v-N & P - Bristol Crown Court - the defendants were accused of involvement in a £2.5M conspiracy to defraud financial institutions in the UK and USA via Ebay and Pay-pal accounts. Our timely advice and representation resulted in the charges being substantially reduced and the defendants being released from custody wthin weeks.


R-v-M (& others) - Bristol Crown Court - our client was one of eight charged in a multiple murder conspiracy alleging coordinated acts in London and Bristol. Detailed defence investigation of CCTV footage revealed evidence that resulted in our client's aquittal.

R-v-B & B (P Ltd) - Bristol Crown Court - Defending a Trading Standards prosecution (the first of it's kind) against a "premium rate telephone scam". Our involvement saved the defendants £100,000+ in fees from inexperienced solicitors and avoided an almost inevitable prison sentence.


R-v-B - Cardiff Crown Court - We defended the Director of a company accusd by a disgruntled supplier of enforcing a debt by improper means. Our thorough investigation proved that our client's accuser was lying. The charges against our client were dropped and the accuser prosecuted and imprisoned for perverting the course of justice.

Call now 08444 936 057 to have a free consultation with a specialist solicitor

This is a mere snapshot of the type of cases that we have handled. Our expertise covers all types of criminal, regulatory and fraud proceedings. If you would like to discuss your case in more detail then contact us now for a free informal discusion as to how we can help you. 

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