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VAT Fraud

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) are devoting ever increasing resources to reduce the loss to the Treasury caused by VAT fraud. 2015 election pledges from the main political parties have promised a clamp-down of tax evasion and avoidance schemes by increasing criminal sanctions.


The most common form of VAT fraud is the missing trader intra-community fraud known as the "MTIC" or "Carousel Fraud". This fraud takes advantage of the zero-rating for tax puroses of goods sold within the European Community. HMRC have countered the ever-increasing number of such frauds with a serious of measures designed to make the detection of fraud much easier. We have specialist knowledge of HMRC fraud prevention techniques which we can use to our advantage.

We have a team of lawyers assembled for just such cases and are able to provide bespoke representation if you are subject to a police or HMRC investigation.

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